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Download Vimms

Here you can download Vimms for Linux. It is only available as source code. But don't worry, compilation and installation normally is very easy! After downloading unpack the file using

tar xzf vflxxxx.tgz

and follow the instructions in the files INSTALL and README.

Download from (please use the latest download):

vfl221a.tgz2,2 MBVersion 2.21, 4. Dez. 2006
Get the new release, tested with Suse 10.0 and 10.1, and Ubuntu 6.10
vfl221.tgz2,2 MBVersion 2.21, 10. Nov. 2006
vfl220c.tgz2,2 MBVersion 2.20, 14. Oct. 2006
vfl205c.tgz2,2 MBVersion 2.05c, 8. Mar. 2004
Font checks and changed compiler message output capture
vfl205b.tgz2,2 MBVersion 2.05b, 18. Feb. 2004
Changes on mutexes for serial communication
vfl205a.tgz2,2 MBVersion 2.05a, 22. Jan. 2004
Improvements of numeric edit object, file output; minor error corrections
vfl204.tgz2,1 MBVersion 2.04, 10. Dec. 2003
Added possibility for hiding tabs
vfl203.tgz2,0 MBVersion 2.03, 28. Nov. 2003
Added ObjectFinder. Added possibility to change order of workspace and viewer tabs. Added stringio objects. Switched to pixel based font size
vfl201a.tgz2,0 MBVersion 2.01a
Corrected a bug in File Output object, improved load monitoring

Download from

vfl201.tgz2,0 MBVersion 2.01
Added support for global code, parallel calculator objects, cut object
vfldist.tgz2,0 MBFirst linux version
If you have real problems, please mail to fhitzel AT (address in clear text to prevent spamming). As man power is very limited only mail questions if really necessary.

Frank Hitzel, 2006