Graphic display

Graphic display

The graphic display provides a two dimensional high speed plot control window with zooming and autorange capability. The object can plot one or two dimensional numerical data or directly evaluate given functions. An arbitrary number of curves can be displayed simultaneously.
Fig. 1: Graphic display control

Common properties

Most properies in the property dialog affect all curves: The "Min x", "Min y", "Max x", and "Max y" properties specify an initial scaling range. Using properties "Autorange x" and "Autorange y" automatic scaling can be switched on for the particular axis. With "X-title" and "Y-title" properties axis labels can be specified. The font used for labelling can be choosen during edit time pressing the button in the font property. In the "Curve count" properties specify the number of simultaneously displayed curves. To specify properties of the individual curves, press the button in the "Curves" property.

Curve properties

Fig. 2: Curve properties
In the curve property dialog use the "choose curve" controls to switch to the curve you want to change properties. Each curve has the following options:

Plot functions during run time

During run time there are 3 buttons above the plot which allow changing autorange functionality, providing a manual range and print the current plot. The print function generates postscript which can alternatively be saved to disk.

Using the left mouse button parts of the plot can be zoomed. When a zoom is performed autorange is switched off. Unzoom is done by pressing the right mouse button somewhere in the plot.

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